Weight: 135lbs Height: 5’9 Hair: Dirty Blonde Eyes: Green


Rome and Juliet ——— Tybalt, Friar John, ——— Beach House Theatre/Candace Radcliffe 2019

Laughter on the 23rd Floor ——— Brian Doyle ——— White Rock Players Club/Lance Peverley 2019

Medicine Hat Playwrights Festival ——— Dan ——— Ignite Arts Festival/Samuel Jing 2019

A Midsummer Nights Dream ——— Flute/Thisbe ——— Capilano U Production/Bob Frazer 2018

Peter and the Star Catcher ——— Ted ——— Capilano U Production/Gillian Barber 2017

Ten Blocks on the Camino Real ——— Kilroy ——— Arbutus Theatre/Dawn Moore 2016

After All this Time ——— Matt ——— Tom Cone Festival/Miki Brodkin 2015


Hitler’s Last Stand ——— Sgt. Boldt ——— Parallax Film/Ian Herring

Mai Terra Akshay (Music Video) ——— Dancer ——— Humble Music

Healthy Snack Commercial ——— Principal ——— Focus Media Inc.

Big Gas Commercial ——— Principal ——— Fill in the Blanks Studios

Bell Olympics Commercial ——— Stunt Double ——— Bell Mobility

Two/One ——— Stunt Double ——— South Creek Pictures/Juan Cabral

Ambarsar (Music Video) ——— Dancer ——— All Time Movies Pvt Ltd.

Starbuck (Music Video) ——— Dancer ——— Jass Records/Jass Sangha

The Reader (Student Film) ——— Principal ——— Capilano U

Beware the Super Man ——— (Student Film) ——— Supporting Capilano U


Malibu Rescue ——— Walla ——— Pacific Bay Entertainment

Pup Stars 2 ——— Walla ——— Air Bud Entertainment

Madden Long Shot 2 ——— Walla ——— EA Sports



. Ali Froggatt: Impro for Actors (Improv) (2019)

· Linda Darlow: Acting and Audition Technique (2018)

Capilano Acting for Stage and Screen Certificate & Diploma-Honours (2015-2018)

· Acting & Improv:

Gillian Barber, P. Lynn Johnson, Jackson Davies, Bob Frazer, Lori Triolo, Chilton Crane, Christine Willes, Stephen Atkins, Veena Sood

· Movement/MoCap & Alexander Technique Tutoring

Dr. Gabriella Minnes Brandes, Mark Vasak, Keri Minty, Neil Giroday, Carrie Thiel

· Professional Singing & Voice Lessons

Sanders Whiting, Sylvia Zaradic, Doug Abrahams, Kevin Michael Cripps

Special Skills

Ski Jumping (Former National Team, Alternate 2010 Olympics) Expert

Alpine Skiing (Former Alberta Slopestyle team) Expert

Dance (Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom) Advanced

Stunts/Tumbling & Gymnastics Advanced

Guitar, Piano, and Singing Advanced

Dialects (Cockney, Australian, Eastern European, Tennessee) Advanced

Boxing, Weapons & Stage Fighting (Fencing, Hand-Hand, Firearms) Basic Training